How to Reduce Belly Fat by Yoga

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How to Reduce Belly Fat by Yoga

It would be very hard to find someone who does not want beautiful stomach and slim figure. But an incorrect way of life, junk food eating habits, the absence of activity, and high feelings of anxiety – these offer ascent to an out of the flabby belly. The big your stomach, the higher is the level of hazard. Furthermore, there are no easy routes to dispose of stomach fat. Legitimate eating regimen joined with a decent wellness schedule, can enable you to lessen paunch fat to a substantial degree.
It requires a lot of patience and regular yoga asana to get rid of chubby tummy and build a sexy and gorgeous looking abs. in this article I will be suggesting some of the best yoga asana that cut belly fat and help your belly looks fabulous.

There’s not only one recipe for a flat stomach. Furthermore, since few individuals genuinely appreciate conventional abs works out, the most ideal approach to shape a provocative waist is to join more intense work into the exercises you definitely know and love. Yoga not just enhances flexibility and assuage pressure, yet your training can likewise focus on your abs in a significantly more practical and proficient path than any measure of crunches.

Tree Pose

This posture will have your abs working extra minutes to enable you to remain grounded on one leg. Move your weight onto your left leg. Draw your right knee into your chest, grab your ankle, and press the base of your right onto your left thigh. In the event that you feel unstable keep your hand on your lower leg while it’s squeezed into your thigh. In case you’re finding your equalization truly effectively, press your palms together before your chest. Support your abs in tight to your spine, ensuring you can even now inhale effortlessly. Locate a point of convergence and focus your gaze while you hold the posture for 10 long, full breaths. Repeat the same on the other leg.

Warrior lunge twist

Not only will your abs assist you with stabilizing in this stance, however the curving movement completely connects with those difficult to-tone obliques as well.
Bring your hands into supplication pose. Lurch forward with your left leg and curve your knee around 90 degrees, keeping your back leg straight. Support your abs in tight to your spine and turn your abdominal area to one side. Keep your spine long as you hang over your left leg and press your right elbow into the outside of your left leg. Turn your head upward toward the roof over your left shoulder. Hold for 10 long, full breaths and after that untwist and come back to standing. Do it for other side as well.

Downward Dog Variation

Start in the downward facing dog. Stretch out your left leg over to the roof, pointing your toes. Move your weight forward and start to bring down your hips into a plank pose however as opposed to putting your left toes down, twist your left knee into your chest, lifting your abs into your spine amid the whole development. Press your hips back up and broaden your left leg behind you as you come back to the downward facing dog. repeat the process for both legs.

Warrior lll

This pose is another significant equalization challenge that keeps your core engaged in the whole time.
Move your weight into your right foot. Embrace your left shin into your chest, at that point expand it straight back behind you so it’s parallel to the ground. Flex your left foot and point the toes down. Convey your fingertips to the ground to balance yourself on the off chance if you need. Achieve your arms out before you so your body is in a straight line from your fingertips all the way down your back and out through your left heel. Remain here for 3 long, full breaths at that point gradually come back to standing. Repeat on the opposite side.

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How to Cure Thyroid by Yoga

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How to Cure Thyroid by Yoga


Yoga conveys numerous advantages to your general wellbeing and prosperity. It can adjust your vitality, increment adaptability, and alleviate pressure. There is an association among stress and hypothyroidism; however certain yoga asanas are thought to adjust thyroids that are either underactive or overactive.
A few investigations have demonstrated the beneficial outcome of yoga on enhancing thyroid capacity. Remember that these stances can’t fix your thyroid irregularity. Yoga is viewed as a correlative treatment. It shouldn’t be utilized as a swap for any treatments or prescriptions you’re as of now experiencing.
Search out a qualified yoga instructor who can help you to practice relevant asana carefully. Check with your specialist before starting any yoga program.

What is thyroid?

Thyroid infection is a therapeutic condition which influences the capacity of thyroid organ. There are for the most part two sorts of thyroid – Hypothyroidism caused by not having enough thyroid hormones and Hyperthyroidism caused by having excessively thyroid hormones. The absolute most basic side effects of thyroid incorporate exhaustion, low vitality, weight gain or misfortune, failure to endure the cool, moderate or quick pulse, dry skin and stoppage or loose bowels relying upon what sort of thyroid it is. In both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, there might swell of a piece of the neck, which is otherwise called goiter.

Matsyasana or Fish Pose

This posture appears as a fish and along these lines, it is known as the Matsyasana. It extends your neck henceforth invigorating the thyroid organs. This asana gives delicate recuperating suited to the necessities of thyroid patients, brings down feelings of anxiety and lessens the solidness of muscles and joints. It helps in loosening up the body and counteracting emotional episodes and gloom which thyroid may cause.

Setubandhasana or Bridge Pose

If you are able to do this bridge pose effectively, you will have the capacity to extend your neck to quiet and extent and initiate the thyroid organs. It helps in quieting the mind, diminishing tension and enhancing the absorption system.

Kapalbhati Pranyama

This is an extremely compelling type of pranayama. Take a seat on the floor in an agreeable with folded legs position. Take a full breath and then breathe out rapidly, while making a sound. Keep in mind while doing Kapalbhati – you need to mightily and rapidly breathe out, yet gradually and deeply breathe in. repeat this for 10 times.

Ujjayi Pranayam

Take a seat on the floor in a leg over leg straight position. Breathe in gradually and deeply by both the nostrils. Attempt to make a murmuring sound while you are sucking noticeable air all around. From that point forward, extend your breathe in time for some time and then breathe out as much as you can without giving any sort of weight to your other body parts. This kind of pranayama is exceptionally powerful for those suffering from bronchitis, asthama and thyroid.


When you are consistent in the Sarvangasana posture, attempt and bring your legs downwards from over your head. Again here, rest the palm of your hands on your back keeping in mind the end goal to help your position. Stay enduring for around 30 seconds; tally your breath and then discharge.

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How to Cure Ovarian Cyst by Yoga

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How to Cure Ovarian Cyst by Yoga

Overview of Ovarian cyst

Ovarian cysts are liquid filled sacs or pockets in an ovary or on its surface. Ladies have two ovaries — each about the size and state of an almond — on each side of the uterus. Eggs (ova), which create and develop in the ovaries, are discharged in month to month cycles amid the childbearing years.
Numerous ladies have ovarian cyst sooner or later. Most ovarian cysts present next to zero distress and are innocuous. The many of these cysts disappear automatically within a few months without treatment.
However, ovarian cysts — particularly those that have burst — can cause serious problems. To secure your wellbeing, get consistent pelvic exams and know the side effects that can flag a conceivably significant issue.
Yoga for Ovarian Cyst:
Treatment for ovarian issues with yoga may appear somewhat abnormal, however it is a significant common thing in India that yoga can give you everything! ‘Everything’ truly incorporates each issue simply with the exception of the wounds and propelled phases of extreme illnesses. Ovarian cysts torment and its evacuation are not any harder once you take in the most ideal methods for using yoga.
Give us a chance to dig and delve into some vital stances of yoga that work keeping pace with regular solutions for ovarian cysts evacuation.

Surya Namaskara

Surya Namaskara” is a long exercise of 12 compelling yoga asanas . It can help in magnificent Body unwinding, increment the muscle adaptability. This colossal wellness exercise can battle hormonal imbalance as well.
Indeed, even the menstrual issues can be soothed broadly by Surya namaskara work out. Ladies get profoundly profited while they are pregnant; it facilitates the labor if they rehearse the Surya Namaskara until 12 weeks of the pregnancy.
Menstrual cycles are controlled in ladies with this activity. This raises a positive change in the ovarian wellbeing and ends up helpful in treating minor ovarian cyst side effects.


Kapalbhati is the primary exercise everybody needs to do at the beginning of the exercise. It is one of the pranayamas that upgrades respiratory wellbeing and furthermore valuable for various wellbeing purposes.
Menstrual control is one of the key advantages of Kapalbhati. Out of the bounty practices in yoga for ovarian sore treatment, kapalbhati gives the snappiest and successful outcome. Stomach fat decrease, constipation, gleaming skin are a portion of the best points of interest of honing Kapalbhati.


Ordinary pranayama is unique in relation to kapalbhati work out. Pranayama includes in interchange breath with the nostrils, i.e., breathing with one nostril at any given moment. To tally the quantity of pranayama works out, it makes a not insignificant rundown. Practice any of them which is well-known to you; there will be certainty you will dispose of ovarian cysts indications. Inside seven days you can watch huge changeover without a doubt.


Savasana is by all accounts the silliest exercise of all. But the help it gets for you is remarkable. Direction of breath and unwinding of whole body, i.e. muscles, bones, nerves, and so on and each organ of the body is the undertaking you do while your body assumes the job of a carcass.
Toward the finish of physical practice, perform Savasana consistently. It gets you the ideal relaxation to every one of the organs, in which ovary part is the real inclusion. Relaxation of stomach muscles is the way to relieving ovarian cysts symptoms.

Conscious breathing makes pelvic muscles extend. This empowers solid blood stream in the ovary area. This whole movement mitigates ovarian cysts torment for all time.

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How to Cure Myopia by Yoga

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How to Cure Myopia by Yoga


Near-sightedness or myopia is a dynamic visual disorder that outcomes in poor distance vision. In the event that the myopia is serious, it will disable close vision too. Myopia is otherwise called “partially blind” notwithstanding debilitating vision; it likewise changes the physical structure of the eye. It can steepen the front surface of the eye (cornea) as well as stretch the retina (pivotal extension). These progressions increment the danger of future eye infection. It is one of the main sources of visual impairment around the globe and has an immediate relationship with retinal detachment and glaucoma.

Myopia Symptoms and Signs

In case if you are suffering from myopia, you regularly will experience issues perusing street signs and seeing distant objects obviously, however will have the capacity to see well for nearby everything, for example, perusing and PC utilize.

Different signs and indications of myopia include squinting, eye strain and migraines. Feeling exhausted when driving or playing sports likewise can be a manifestation of uncorrected myopia.

If you encounter these signs or side effects while wearing your glasses or contact focal points, plan an extensive eye examination with your optometrist or ophthalmologist to check whether you require a more detailed prescription.

What Causes Myopia?

Myopia happens when the eyeball is too long, in respect to the focusing power of the cornea and focal point of the eye. This causes light beams to focus at a point before the retina, as opposed to straightforwardly on its surface.

Myopia likewise can be caused by the cornea as well as focal point being excessively bended for the length of the eyeball. Now and again, near-sightedness is because of a mix of these elements.

Myopia ordinarily starts in youth and you may have a higher hazard if your folks are partially blind. Much of the time, partial blindness balances out in early adulthood yet now and then it keeps on advancing with age.

Here are few yoga poses for treating myopia

Eye- Rotation- Up and Down

Sit on the floor with legs extended. Keep your back and head erect. Place both your hands on the separate knees. Close your correct clench hand and place it on your correct knee with the thumb confronting upwards. Presently, inhale out deeply and take your gaze upwards, keeping your head settled. Breathe in and get back your gaze the object. Do likewise from lower gaze to upper gaze. Repeat the process and rehearse or 10 minutes

Eye Rotation- sideway

Sit with legs straight before the body. Presently, closing the left fist and place it on the left knee guaranteeing that the thumb focuses upwards.

Focus at a point straight in-front of you and of in level with your eyes.

Keep the head settled in this position.

Breathing out, concentrate your eyes on the left thumb.

Breathing in, centre your eyes at a point in front of you and in level with your eyes.

Repeat the similar procedure with the right correct thumb.

Close your eyes and take rest.

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How to Cure Fistula by Yoga

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How to Cure Fistula by Yoga

A fistula is an irregular association between an organ and another structure. Fistulas create when an organ ends up kindled or harmed. They are an exceptionally basic inconvenience of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), happening more as often as possible in Crohn’s disease than ulcerative colitis.
The most well-known area for a fistula is around the anus. These are called perianal fistulas. Over 50% of fistulas form in this area. The second most regular area is between 2 circles of intestine.
Here is the means by which to fix fistula by yoga at home and without surgery. These yoga asanas will forestall additionally spreading of the wounds. A fistula is an illness caused when there is an irregular path inside the body, which interfaces with generally isolate ways. For instance, a gap builds up that associates the vaginal entry with the butt-centric one, at that point that would be known as a fistula.
A fistula can be exceptionally risky, and in extraordinary cases, it can even reason the death toll. That is the reason, it is basic to make a move to fix fistula when it creates, to ensure it doesn’t bring on any further intricacies in the body.

Signs And Symptoms Of Fistula

There are many types of fistula, and the majority of the diverse kinds have different sign and synptopms. There are no unique side effects of fistula, which are particular to the sickness and it can, in this way, be effortlessly mistaken for some other infection. Some normal side effects are the pain in stomach, fever, and looseness of the bowels, torment when passing bowels.

Here are some yoga poses which is beneficial in relieving fistula pain


Uttanasana or the forward fold asana is a yoga represent that spotlights on reversal of the body. This posture is ideal for relieving fistula. It extends the body completely, enhances the dissemination of blood to the cerebrum and furthermore fortifies the core muscles. It assuages the weight on the heart, cerebrum and third eye chakra and along these lines diminishes stress. Stress is additionally a noteworthy reason for fistula, and in this way, this yoga present is outstanding amongst other with regards to treatment of fistula by the utilization of yoga.


The Sarvangasana works the whole body, and is along these lines helpful for a wide range of sicknesses. It fortifies the back muscles and makes the spine considerably more flexible. It likewise extends the stomach muscles and the hamstrings and fortifies them. As this is a reversal present simply like the past one, it is likewise advantageous for relieving fistula.


Chakrasana is a standout amongst the most prominent yoga poses. It is best known for its value for the spine. It relaxes the back muscles and decreases stress, and this is very powerful in relieving fistula. This asana is very simple to perform, yet it is extraordinary for the body. For ladies, the chakrasana asana assists with menstrual spasms too, and it useful for the reproductive system. It is extraordinary compared to other yoga stances to treat butt-centric and vaginal fistula and whenever done routinely and in the correct technique, it can fix fistula quicker than any western drug can.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing activities like pranayama can make the respiratory system clear up. It builds the levels of oxygen in the blood and adequately gives the body more vitality to fend off contaminations and different ailments.

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Benefits of Yoga

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Life is a race today and if you are not running fast you will be left behind. We are living in a competitive world where thinking about livelihood and career growth is a must. From morning to evening we hardly get time to think about our health. Finally we end up getting everything required in life but at the cost of health.

We are aiming to acquire a dominant position in society so much as we forget about health but what happens at later stage of our life when we have everything except health. It’s not wise to think about wealth and health separately.

Keeping in mind the busy schedule and a hectic work pressure in both private and government sector companies I will be suggesting excellent yoga for working professionals. Kapalbhati pranayama is the solution.

Understanding Kapalbhati pranayama asana.


Kapal refers to forehead while bhati refers to shine and pranayama means technique of breathing. This asana is opted for a shining forehead and developing self-intellect. It will detoxify and energise your body.

Kapalbhati pranayama asana is basically a breathing technique helps to remove toxic air from the body. If you do kapalbhati pranayama regularly then it will help you reduce belly fat also.

Kapalbhati is the only asana which gives you great result with minimum physical efforts. This asana is helps you get natural glow on the face and forehead.

If you have 10 minutes of free time then you can perform this asana to get great results.

How to do Kapalbhati Pranayama


  1. Get yourself in padmasana with spine straight and closed eyes.
  2. Start taking a full breath through the two nostrils until the point when your lungs are full with air.
  3. Start exhaling through the two nostrils strongly, so your stomach will dive deep inside. As you breathe out you feel some weight in your stomach.
  4. Repeat this process for 5 minutes.

Benefits of Kapalbhati Pranayama Asana


  • The breathing procedure includes inhalation and exhalation heat up the body that helps in flushing out toxic from the body. It strengthens the functions of liver and pancreas.
  • Kapalbhati very useful in indigestion and gas related problems.
  • If you are aiming to acquire a toned body and flat stomach then this asana is good for you.
  • General routine with regards to kapalbhati is additionally advantageous for reducing belly fat.
  • The system includes strong breathing which reinforces lungs and expands its ability.
  • It likewise expands blood supply to different parts of the body.
  • It actuates the body and expels laziness. Facial brilliance is a characteristic advantage as the name proposes.
  • It actuates the mind cells and enhances memory power.
  • Kapalbhati is extraordinary for concentration and focus.
  • Helps in removing blockage from liver and kidney
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