Yoga for Joint Pain

Knee Pain or joint pain is an extremely intense issue and very regular in the modern life. It is found most commonly in aged people but can be seen in any age group. Knee bursitis, torn ligament, bone degeneration, utilization of medications like steroids, diuretics are few of the critical components that prompt knee torment. Swelling and stiffness are normal with knee issue patients.

What causes knee pain?

  1. Osteoarthritis
  2. Utilization of medications like steroids, diuretics
  3. Bone degeneration
  4. Disengaged kneecap
  5. Rheumatoid joint inflammation
  6. Foremost cruciate tendon
  7. Knee ligament
  8. Maturing age
  9. Patellar tendonitis
  10. Septic joint inflammation
  11. Exceedingly dynamic people, for example, soccer’s, competitors
  12. Torn ligament
  13. Knee bursitis
  14. Gout

For the patient of knee torment, moderate and controlled movement is required. In the event that there is no or less development, the condition may go critical. With the assistance of Yoga one can do conceivable stretching progress. Yoga asana can avoid knee injury by keeping the knees solid and flexible. Knee pain cure through Yoga is possible by extending and reinforcing the encompassing knee muscles. Yoga asana upgrade the adaptability of joints accordingly supportive in knee damage and protracting of adjacent joint muscles. Here is the rundown of best Yoga asana for assuaging knee torment, joint pain and knee damage.

Yoga poses for joint pain relief

There are numerous Yoga works out, which are useful in controlling knee torment. Knee torment control through Yoga under the supervision of Yoga master indicates positive outcome. Baba Ramdev Knee torment yoga module is additionally viable. One can see his video in YouTube. BKS Iyengar yoga treatment for knee torment joint pain is constantly helpful. Here is the rundown of Yoga postures to counteract knee agony and knee wounds.


Famous Yog Giru Bara Ramdev Suggests this asana to successful cure joint pain. Virasana expands blood flow in your legs and stretches the thighs and knees. The posture enhances your body stance and evacuates tiredness in the legs.

Virasana or the Hero Pose is representative of the inward legend in you needing to battle your psyche and body issues. Practice Virasana early in the day as it is a thoughtful posture and you don’t really need to do it on a vacant stomach. Virasana is an entry level Hatha yoga asana.


Malasana makes your legs solid and lean and fortifies your knees, lower legs, and thighs. It causes your body to excrete discharge effectively, keeping it spotless and solid and forbidding strain to develop in the body because of inappropriate excrete.

Malasana or the Garland Pose is basically a squat. This squat is a characteristic method for taking a seat to excrete in the Eastern societies. Practice Malasana early in the day or night on an unfilled stomach. The posture is an amateur level Hatha yoga asana. Hold it for 60 seconds.


Trikonasana consumes fat, helping stout individuals reduce the weight on the knees caused because of exorbitant weight. The posture stimulates the body and enables increment to center. It reinforces the thigh muscles, helping fix knee torment.

Trikonasana, likewise called the Triangle Pose, is named so as it takes after a triangle when expected. Dissimilar to numerous other yoga asanas, Trikonasana must be done with the eyes open. Do the posture toward the beginning of the day on a vacant stomach. Trikonasana is an amateur level Vinyasa yoga asana. Hold it for 30 seconds.


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