Yoga for Physical Healing

Yoga is known to be a holistic, restorative process that allows an extensive variety of means for promoting and maintaining your physical health. There are various yoga postures, meditative practices, vocal sounds, breathing techniques and so much more that offer a complete healing process which leads to personal transformation. The tools that yoga has to offer can be used in a number of ways, this will allow you to practice yoga to your advantage. Keep in mind that each individual is facing a different matter, which is why you need a special treatment to help you out.

Over the years yoga has helped hundreds of people during the life-changing stages of their lives. As yoga pictures the human body completely and takes in each element that plays a role in your physical capacities. These include your internal and external body workings. As one is depended on the other and has a great impact on the working of your body and mind. To help you get on the right path of yoga for physical healing, we have shared a few easy to follow yoga poses. These will help you regain your physical strength, and even maintain your physical health.

Mountain Pose – This is a simple standing pose that is seen as the inspiration for all the standing poses practiced in yoga. This pose can help you improve your posture, which not only boosts your confidence. In addition, it will help you keep a great deal of control over your body. Once you have perfected your posture you will be able to regain control over your legs and lower back. To practice the pose you have to stand tall, relax your mind and place both your hands with the palms facing outwards. Think of it as bring out your arms, yet keeping them steady in place.

Chair Pose – The best thing about the chair pose is that you can practice it at any time, and anywhere. The pose focuses on your lower body and allows you to get a grip on your muscled. In addition, you will feel your shoulder muscles tightening, and getting strong. To practice, this pose stands up straight, and bring both your arms above your body. Now try to create a sitting position in the air.

Forward Fold – The forward fold is designed to help you relieve spinal pain, and helps you maintain a good body posture. If you feel you have a stiff body, then you should practice the pose to help get your muscles going. To practice this posture you have to stand up straight, then bring your body down so your legs are touching your top body.

Cobra – The Cobra Pose can help you with lower back pain, and stiffness in the muscles. The posture will help you get rid of all the discomfort from your back, neck, and shoulders at the same time. The posture is fairly easy, and you will need a yoga mat. Start by laying flat on your stomach, then using your hands bring your upper body up. Make sure your hands are placed near your stomach, as this will ensure the perfect cobra posture.


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